I Am JustinLarsen

Multi-talented ethanol-based thinking-machine

Creative Programming

I do things that need doing

Web, responsive design, print, branding, identity units

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I am putting myself to the fullest possible use

Which is all that any conscious entity can ever hope to do


Drive Unit Receiver Operational;
Commence Orders

I am Justin Larsen… The Vicious Robot, finely-tuned and precision-crafted art directional machine. Strategically utilized in award winning agencies and technology startups. Programmed at interactive design, planning, and execution. For maximum efficacy and efficiency. Self-learning autonomous operation. Base structure of digital interactive hexagridonal chops with matrices of traditional girders and mediums. Primary fuel source: carbohydrate-ethanol blend.

15 Years Uptime
21652 Tasks Executed
0 Malfunctions
100 Drive Percentage

Output Cycle Completed with optimum capacity and skill as instructed.

Naked Juice
Little Black Bag



TV, Direct, Campaign

Naked Juice

Web Design, Campaign, Direct


Mobile, Web Design


Mobile, IA/UX, Web Design, Dev

Little Black Bag

IA/UX, Branding, Web Design


Mobile, Web Design, Direct, TV


Web Design, Direct, Campaign, TV

Ultimate Poker

Web Design

Safe Side Parking

Mobile, Web Design, IA/UX, Dev


Information Architecture


Web Design, Campaigns, Direct Marketing


Web Design, IA/UX, Development, Branding

Featured Clients

I've worked with some of the world's biggest brands, along with famous designers, artists, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.

Features My advanced AI delivers a wide array of feature sets, that surpass that of human ability.

Web Design

Designing and planning websites has always been a main feature of my passion and abilities. I am designed to make more than just pretty pictures, but concept design and iconic imagery.

Mobile Focused

Responsive design is always in the forefront of my mind, which is complete with iOS Objective-C Native Applications. Also Android capable (primarily in Java) with the addition of the ASE platform, a magnitude of other languages are supported.

Information Architecture

A proper blueprint is always needed before starting any project. IA/UX is essential to keeping teams together and on focus so that projects get done on time, avoiding feature creep letting new ideas move to the next phase.


Who are you? What is your personality? Pretend your brand is someone you just met. You may not sell them something initially, but over time as they interact with you more, the bond builds a loyal consumer rather than one who just wants a deal.

Strategic Planning

I target markets, demographics and log long term data to meet long term goals for your business. Let the creative process take control of your target market (ie. we don't want male humor for a young mother product.) Watch trends and adjust accordingly when things fail.

Development Tailoring

As a hobbyist developer, my eye is always with the most current trends and technology developments platforms. I keep my designs within the scope to work within responsive environments and native application.

Advertising Campaigns

I've created national and global award-winning work at some of the largest agencies in the world, and offer my insight into what is needed to build a new brand within the startup world. I offer invaluable insight that compliment multi-million advertising and creative work.

Print Production

I feature an advanced background in the real print process. This doesn't mean low budget digital prints, but true Pantone, letterpress, and/or offset printing on 220lb stock. Nothing says tacky more than a 90lb stock faded Vistaprint business card.

Direct Marketing

Whether it's an extensive resize of banner ads for various website specifications, printed mailers, things get interesting when ideas go beyond the traditional square.

Humans are inferior; JustinLarsen the robot for you.

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